Good Morning

I would just like to say that I received my order yesterday and am so pleased with it. The quality of the food is, as ever, outstanding & top marks for the packaging. I will for sure be using you again and have already sung your praises to Friends



Nadine Stevens

Thank you for the pie, it was for my brother and he loved it 👍

Ceri Lund

Just received my order. The meat and potato pie was superb. Thanks

Bob Pullan

Bob Pullan

Dear Sir, I was sent two of your pies, amongst other nibbles, as part of a 70th birthday present. The first was a pork type pie and today I tried the Steak pie. Both were wonderfully meaty and the steak pie was the best I have ever tried – it was the main course of my Sunday lunch.

Congratulations and Best Wishes with your venture, Richard Field

Richard Field


This may be a very bizarre message to read but please do! Back in 2017 my partner and I moved half way accross the country and struggled big time. It was hard to manage and we faced a lot of hurdles in a place we’ve never been. Summer came and so did all of the market stalls. To cut it short, your market stall brought so much light into our life which seemed so dull. The guy that sold to us was so lovely, the food was delicious and those brownies were honestly the best brownies we have ever tasted. 4 years later after reminiscing on good memories and how amazing the brownies we had were when living in Eastbourne, we’ve always wished to try them once more. We even thought of going to lengths of travelling over four hours to buy some again on the hopes you’d be selling them at the market. Changes are low ay! But hey we would get a fun trip to the beach. We even considered travelling to Halifax 😂 Considering we don’t know when and if you guys would be there. We remembered the guy who sold to us saying you travelled all way the from Halifax and we spoke about the back story to your food. We recalled him saying you don’t deliver which was such a shame.

The conversation of these brownies came up today, again, whilst we were watching tv, how great that day way, our doggies loved a little taste of the pies and sausage rolls and the brownies took our worries away just for a moment. Silly that food can do that right? But they did. So we decided to try and find you for the millionth time.

We went to the lengths of getting our bank statements up from 2017 because the guy sold us some in bulk and allowed us to pay on card and before my eyes we found THE CRUSTY PIE COMPANY. We literally both looked at each other, wide eyed with pure joy and squealed. We went onto the website and there it was, we found it!!

We hope to buy from you guys again especially now we see you do indeed deliver!! All 3 types of brownies from what we remember were out of this world. We’re sorry we can’t support your business again right now, one of our doggies fell ill late last year and we’re still feeling it. We just wanted to tell you this funny story and hope it brings you joy just like your food brought us in the times we needed it the most. Thank you for making such amazing food and for the amazing customer service and kindness you all have. We will always remember this, 4 years and strong!

Thank you again and keep safe

Emilie May

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the delicious pie.  My Dad absolutely loved his surprise gift and the pork scratchings were demolished pretty quick! 

I have recommended you to friends.  

Thank you again.


Katie Friel

Hi, Received parcel today.  I am very impressed with delivery and packaging. My Husband loves it, he has already eaten a pie and the scratchings.  He loves the hot relish but he can eat much hotter. All in all excellent. Thanks very much. Regards Karen

Karen Mulryne

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for the orders you sent out for me.

My dad & my grandpa we’re absolutely over the moon & beyond impressed. I’ve made 3 orders with you and all of them have been PERFECT. My grandma also said she had phoned to place 2 orders and our cousin Debbie did too as you guys are amazing so I’ve recommended you to EVERYONE.

I honestly can’t tell you how nice it is to find a small business that tries really hard to excel themselves. You deserve every success. You clearly also have someone or someone’s who are extremely talented at baking & know their pastry.

I’ve included some photos I was sent & some of the comments I got from the recipients (Dad & Grandad) Hopefully seeing them makes you smile and will make your whole team happy.

Once again thank you for everything.

Maisy Jones

I have just arrived home from being on front line services and what a week…a pleasant surprise to find my order safely delivered and bang on time for what I wanted it for…my father’s 84 th birthday and to share,if it tastes as good as it is presented then I am one satisfied customer, thank you

Tony Bayliss

I just want to say thank you. Both mine and my friends pies have arrived. All I can say is wow. They look and smell amazing… (taste test to happen soon)

I will post a review on facebook after Christmas so I don’t ruin the surprise. I just wanted to get in touch straight away as I am so happy with them. 

Service was also excellent. 👍😁👍😁👍

Carrie Cater