Pork Pickle and Wensleydale Pie


Pork, Pickle and Creamy White Wensleydale Pie.

Available in small, large and extra large size.



Pork, Pickle and Creamy White Wensleydale Pie.

Zesty pork and pickle meat with a creamy white, Wensleydale top. Encased in crusty, melting in your mouth, hot water pastry. Topped with jelly – the old fashioned way. Also known as the Ploughman’s pie.


Chose your size:

small – approximately 5 oz

large – approximately 1lb

extra large – approximately 1.5lb



To this day all the pies are still handmade on the original premises in Shelf, Halifax, West Yorkshire and use the finest ingredients. See Our Story | The Crusty Pie Company for more information about our small, family business.


A little about Wensleydale cheese…

Wensleydale cheese was first made by French Cistercian monks from the Roquefort region, who had settled in Wensleydale. They built a monastery at Fors, but some years later the monks moved to Jervaulx in Lower Wensleydale. They brought with them a recipe for making cheese from sheep’s milk.[10] During the 14th century cows’ milk began to be used instead, and the character of the cheese began to change. A little ewes’ milk was still mixed in since it gave a more open texture, and allowed the development of the blue mould. At that time, Wensleydale was almost always blue with the white variety almost unknown. – read more on Wensleydale cheese – Wikipedia


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Allergy Information

Pork, Pickle and Wensleydale Pie


Freezing, Reheating, Storage

Shelf life

Our pies are freshly baked and sent out the same day in polystyrenes boxes with dry ice to last for over 48 hours. Once they arrive they last 5-6 days in the fridge.


All our pies freeze for up to 3 months.
Freeze them on the arrival day. Double wrap them in foil or freezing bag before placing in the freezer.


Defrost naturally. Over night in the fridge and consume within 4 days.


Reheat your pies in the oven. Internal temperature needs to reach 75C/165F as measured by a food probe in several spots.
Reheating from frozen – we recommend to defrost your pies before reheating.

Freezing, reheating, storage | The Crusty Pie Company