The Crusty Pie Company Halifax Yorkshire Father’s Day 21st June 2020 approached. Given The Covid 19 Rules and Regulations eldest daughter in Yorkshire knew she couldn’t join her ageing dad in Wiltshire so wanted to give him a special Father’s Day present. Step forward The Crusty Pie Company Halifax and their Hampers. A very challenging selection as Wiltshire was the home of pig breeding with bacon and pie factories years ago, sadly all gone. Delivery first class, well packed in sturdy polystyrene crate, lined with ice sheets parcel arrived chilled. WOW Pork Pies, Samosas, Large Sausage Roll, Steak Pie, Pasty, Mango Chutney and lovely Pork Scratchings. Enjoyed every item, these piggie pies are hand-made epicurean delights. Pork pies hand made well filled with meat very little jelly highly recommended. The steak pie was filled with real tender beef delicious. Would love to try again, when lockdown ends will travel north to visit this Glorious Yorkshire Emporium. Dariusdave Travel Scribe